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Solutto Engineering

Solutto is a company legally established since 2010 in Queretaro, Qro., México. We are a dimensional accredited laboratory under ISO / IEC 17025: 2005, and the first accredited lab in Mexico for gear measurement/calibration, (including characteristics as LEAD and INVOLUTE). We also offer calibration and services for gear analyzer machines. Our accreditations are:

  • L16-120 Accreditation for Calibration Measuring Machine Gear, Accreditation 88852

  • L16-121 Accreditation for Calibration Dimensional (gears calibration), Accreditation 88852


The best German brands in Mexico.

Bliz is a global company dedicated to anti-vibration systems with which we have a contract to work with them, Due to the consequent advancement especially in the field of air spring technology.

SpinTech Tools operates out of south central Ohio and is North America’s only source for Neidlein products having more than 20 plus years of experience in the Workholding Industry. We have seen many different applications and been involved in many over those years that has put our company into a different level of experience than other companies.

Our material inspectors provide specific knowledge in 3D computer tomography, digital radiography, X-Ray, ultrasound, magnetic particle, eddy current and dye penetrant (fluorescence) testing as well as in endoscopy and videoscopy. With our qualified testing staff at our sites in the Stuttgart and Wolfsburg areas, Tuscaloosa (USA) and Slovakia, along with our highly specialized machinery, we are able to examine large amounts of parts quickly, comprehensively, and in great detail.

We make our products in California, USA. We drill the balls, grind the carbide, and machine the metal. We assemble each stylus. We deliver thousands of different probe tips every year.


We will be, with our professional staff, leaders as laboratory for certification and verification of gear masters, having the best infrastructure and using the latest technology.


Provide services of calibration, and verification of Gear Masters, using the highest quality standards. We will permanently certify and train our staff, to provide a professional service, our main goal is exceed customers satisfaction.

Quality Policy

In Solutto Engineering, we are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction, always taking care the quality of our services. Our staff is constantly trained and is compromised with quality system, looking always for the continuous improvement; we will follow strictly the Mexican Standard NNMX-EC-17025-IMNC-2006.